BTMXXX - At first I saw
Bandphoto BTMXXXBTMXXX BTMXXX is not your average regular ordinary run of the mill band. For one, they’re not even a real band. BTMXXX is more of a studio collective. They do play live, but in a whole separate entity, which is very much a band called WTRVLD and is a whole story by itself (go check them out!). But BTMXXX is different. Under the BTMXXX banner these five or six fellas produce all sorts of cool music, in a wide variety of genres but always retaining a distinct sound of their own. One moment they go shoegaze, the other time it’s full on EDM with vocoded vocals and layers of synths, and then there’s of course the 90’s style indierock they grew up on, and the occasional hiphop inspired folksong. But it’s always songs, with intricate structures, an ear for hooks, tripping beats (either programmed or played for real) and cutting edge production and sounds.